You can support scientific research, and make Ataxia Telangiectasia and "Un Vero Sorriso" known to the greatest number of people as possible all over the world: become a volunteer!


Be a volunteer means give your free time and your energy without asking nothing back

The reasons of this choice are different but have a common motivation: make other people life better and enjoy doing it.


Help us in fundraising activity is easy: you can give information during meeting or public events, you can help us in our office or easily give us an idea or bring something to our attention.


Special skills are not required to be a volunteer. Feel like doing and provide some hours are the basic elements to start collaboration with Un Vero Sorriso


Download the form, fill in each part, sign it and send it to:

PDF  Download PDF form (237KB)


Documento Word  Download Word form (58KB)


We will contact you to make an appointment with you

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Take your time to discover the new website.

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